SMACKER OVERVIEW    --  cancelled for 2020

The CatSmacker  20 Mile Fun Run will take runners 19.86 miles through the Ouachita National Forest.  There will be 1,486ish feet of elevation gain.  Runners will be going up and down North Fork Pinnacle and Flatside Pinnacle.  Views from both of these peaks are selfie worthy . Most of the  course is on fire service roads (think gravel), a couple of miles on single track, and a couple of miles of pavement.

The KittySmacker 12 Mile Fun Run shares the first section and back section with the CatSmacker but includes a shortcut via the Ouachtia Trail.  Kitty runners will still get to enjoy the views from North Fork Pinnacle.  They will be going 11.31 miles with 871 ft of elevation.

The cutoff for both races is 6 hours.  We need all runners to be in by 1PM because.....

The 2019-2020 Ultra Trail Series awards ceremony will be held after the run. Cat/Kitty is a NO-POINTS UTS run. It is the season-closer and a celebration of the end of another amazing year in Arkansas ultrarunning. A chance to close out the year with your closest friends, or make new ones.    There will be a cook-out after the run.  Please plan on hanging out with us. We're pretty cool.  That's what our Moms told us.

Proceeds from this race will be donated to Camp Ouachita to maintenance, restoration projects and overall sustainability.