6:00 AM Packet Pickup at Camp Ouachita.  Park on the right side of HWY 324 as you are coming in. 

7:00 AM Run Starts

9:00 AM - 1:00 PM Runners Come In.  Enjoy hot dogs, burgers and beverages 

1:00 PM AURA Award Ceremony


1) The start of the Cat/Kitty Smacker is at Camp Ouachita (not Lake Sylvia, not Lake Winona).  

                GPS Coordinates (34.8724946,-92.8227993)


2) Park on the right side (west I believe) of HWY 324 as you are coming in.  Parking on both sides of the HWY is not allowed by the forest service.  Also make sure you are over the white line on the right.  You will likely get a ticket for parking on the east side of the road or parking over the white line.



3) Start is at 7am.  We should be ready to sign people in by 6am.   Please don't be late.  No late starts will be allowed. Course Sweepers will be following the runners in the back, picking up the markings along the way.  There will be no markings for you to follow.


4) There is not an official early start.   We hope to have everyone in by 1pm.  If you think it will take you longer than 6 hours to complete the event, please feel free to start early.  The first aid station is 5 miles out and should be open by 7:30.  If you do start early, please keep track of your own time and let the people working the finish know that you started early and what your time was.



5) If you want to drop from the Catsmacker to the Kitty Tickler, just let us know at the registration table

6) No dogs are allowed at Camp Ouachita.  Sorry, this is a rule that the forest rangers really enforce (not sure why).  If you have a dog at Camp Ouachita, you will be asked to leave because it could result in our permit getting pulled



7)   Make sure to bring something to carry water – aid stations are up to 6 miles apart.   Cat will have 4 aid stations (2 manned and 2 unmanned).    Kitty will have 3 aid stations (1 manned and 2 unmanned).   Bring a bottle or pack.   We will try to have ice out there.  



8) Horseflies, ticks and chiggers are getting bad out there.  Consider bringing/wearing some insect repellent



9) Please take poison ivy precautions.   There isn’t a lot of it out there yet, but there is some.

10) There will be a cookout after the run.  Please plan on hanging out for it and the AURA award ceremony.   Feel free to bring a folding chair, and something to moisten your esophagus for after the race.



11) Please make sure to cross the finish line and that your time is recorded.   Don’t just get in your car and leave before crossing the finish line; we will think you are lost in the woods

12) If you order a T-Shirt, you have to pick it up on race day.  Sorry we can't send them out.

13) In the unlikely event of a cancellation due to weather, no money will be refunded and the race will not be rescheduled.  Why? Because the money is already spent.  Camp Ouachita rental has been paid and the aid station food has already been purchased.